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7 Must-See European Chocolate Shops

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Visit these exquisite European chocolate shops on your next trip!

It is well worth the effort.

Europe is famous for many foods and beverages, and one of the most delectable of those is chocolate. The rich, often creamy, usually sweet food made from fermented, roasted and ground cacao beans is popular from the British Isles to Germany and everywhere in between. Switzerland and Belgium’s creations probably are the most famous, of course, but chocolate shops in several other European cities also are worth a visit. We have curated a list of seven unique shops you may want to visit next time you are in the area.

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Drinking Chocolate For Parisians

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Buche-Un-Dimanche-a-ParisFrom pastries to architecture is there anything that Parisians don’t do beautifully? Well, drinking chocolate is certainly no exception. The key for any drinking chocolate is high quality chocolate. Wherever you do your shopping in France you are bound to find grocery store shelves lined with powdered chocolate and chocolate bar options designed with drinking chocolate in mind. If you’ve ever seen the movie Chocolat then you will have a general idea of the care and attention to detail put into every mug of chocolate chaud. Contemporary drinking chocolate in France can be made from either these high quality cocoa mixes, or more traditionally from dark chocolate bars.

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