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7 Must-See European Chocolate Shops

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Visit these exquisite European chocolate shops on your next trip!

It is well worth the effort.

Europe is famous for many foods and beverages, and one of the most delectable of those is chocolate. The rich, often creamy, usually sweet food made from fermented, roasted and ground cacao beans is popular from the British Isles to Germany and everywhere in between. Switzerland and Belgium’s creations probably are the most famous, of course, but chocolate shops in several other European cities also are worth a visit. We have curated a list of seven unique shops you may want to visit next time you are in the area.

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Drinking Chocolate in London, England

While the United Kingdom might be better known for their tea, the drinking chocolate to be found here is nothing to scoff at! In England, hot beverages are a way of life. Whether it is your morning cuppa, or an afternoon event, tea, drinking chocolate and coffee all have a special place in British society. But where is the best drinking chocolate to be found in London, England? Read on to find out!

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The History of London’s Notorious Chocolate Houses

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Forget Coffeehouses, it was London’s Chocolate Houses where all the action happened. Since the 1650s, Coffeehouses were a staple in English culture. But nearing the end of the century, Chocolate Houses began to appear across the city of London. At both venues, you could order a meal as well as a delicious hot beverage while engaging in some tantalizing conversation. Patrons would discuss politics, business, or the arts all while playing cards, dice, or gambling. I can’t be the only one who was surprised to learn about the raucous reputation that these chocolate houses earned over the years. Let me paint you a picture…

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