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Making the Perfect Mocha

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Cafe MochaThere’s nothing quite like an expertly made mug of drinking chocolate, or a satisfying cup of coffee. So, you can imagine how sensational it must be when these two flavors come together in the perfect Mocha. As it turns out, there is a lot of skill that goes into making the perfect mocha. From choosing the best ingredients for the drinking chocolate, to complementing the chocolate with the right coffee, and of course getting the temperature and ratio just right. And yet, when you do achieve that perfect balance, it is immensely satisfying.

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Autumn Drinking Chocolate Pairings

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01076b4bae393a55fae13034a0e358c14c479b1ad5Enjoying food and drink is an experience. It incorporates each and every one of your senses. From the ingredients you choose, to the presentation, and the pairings, every element comes together to enhance the culinary experience. The same goes for the indulgent enjoyment of drinking chocolate. The quality of the chocolate you have chosen, to your choice in dairy, and spices each and every mug of drinking chocolate offers a world of variety and individuality. Choosing to pair a drinking chocolate alongside a tasty treat allows for an even more unique experience! We love using seasonal flavors and ingredients to inspire our drinking chocolate pairings. Here are a few of our favorite recipes this fall!

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Recipe Roundup: Fall Inspired Drinking Chocolates

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With the days getting shorter and the air getting crisper, it’s a time that many of us turn to a nice warm mug of drinking chocolate. Throughout the summer we have been highlighting ice cold drinking chocolate delicacies. But now it’s time to turn up the heat – both in flavor and temperature! Drinking chocolate is an incredibly versatile indulgence. There are so many ways to make a delicious mug of drinking chocolate all yours. For example, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, spices and flavorings, read on to get inspired by some fall drinking chocolate ideas!

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Drinking Chocolate in Rome, Italy

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Rome is one of the world’s most sought out urban destinations. Revered for its gourmet restaurants, historical landmarks, and ancient influences, the saying “When in Rome” certainly hits home. Drinking chocolate throughout Italy has enjoyed a delicious past, and is still enjoyed today!

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Vegan Drinking Chocolate

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Perhaps, you have been thinking that just because you are vegan, you will have to go your whole life without knowing the joys of drinking chocolate. Well fear not! Vegan drinking chocolate is out there, and it’s waiting for you to experience it! Keep in mind that when making vegan drinking chocolate, it is just as important as with regular drinking chocolate to use the very best ingredients you can.

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Drinking Chocolate Profile: Mink Chocolates, Vancouver

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In 1918, Gustav Von Mink was fervishly planting the last rows of his crops before his wife gave birth to their second child. But, the day’s events would take a different turn that evening when representatives of the Czar’s security force rode onto the Mink property. They informed Mink that he had three days to pack up his farm, his life, and his growing family and leave. As it turned out, the Czar was taking possession of the Mink family’s property.

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Drinking Chocolate For Parisians

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Buche-Un-Dimanche-a-ParisFrom pastries to architecture is there anything that Parisians don’t do beautifully? Well, drinking chocolate is certainly no exception. The key for any drinking chocolate is high quality chocolate. Wherever you do your shopping in France you are bound to find grocery store shelves lined with powdered chocolate and chocolate bar options designed with drinking chocolate in mind. If you’ve ever seen the movie Chocolat then you will have a general idea of the care and attention to detail put into every mug of chocolate chaud. Contemporary drinking chocolate in France can be made from either these high quality cocoa mixes, or more traditionally from dark chocolate bars.

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Drinking Chocolate at Soma, Toronto

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soma-logoToronto is a world renowned destination for gourmet treats of all kinds, and chocolate is no exception. Located on a cobblestone street in Toronto’s famous Distillery District is Soma. While they use plenty of old world techniques, Soma has happily adopted the modern day. Their beautiful showroom and cafe are a fantastic space to take a break, and soak up some Toronto food and fashion. Once you are finished at Soma you can explore the rest of the Distillery District.  It is especially magical in the winter when a thirty foot Christmas Tree lights up the square.

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