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International Tour of Decadent Chocolate Festivals

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Let’s Begin Our Tour of International Chocolate Festivals!

America loves chocolate. In fact, we love it so much that as a country, we gobble up about ½ of the world’s total production of the sweet stuff each year! White, milk and dark, all presented in ways and pairings to excite even the most jaded taste buds, you can find them at chocolate festivals around the globe. Get your passport ready, because after you read about the five most decadent international chocolate festivals, you’ll be calling your travel agent and making vacation plans!

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#HotChocolateFest 2016 Vancouver BC

Last weekend we visited Vancouver BC for the last of their 4 week chocolate festival. It was a dark and rainy weekend which made for great weather to drink chocolate! This is the third year we’ve enjoyed this event and it’s clearly our favorite.

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Chocolatier Profile: Dandelion Chocolate from San Francisco

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S'mores with drinking chocolate (accompanied by shortbread cookie and marshmellos) at Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco, CA.

S’mores with drinking chocolate (accompanied by shortbread cookie and marshmellos) at Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco, CA.

On this site, we love highlighting the talent of artisan chocolatiers around North America. Bean to bar chocolate makers are becoming more and more popular, providing even more options to you, a discerning consumer. Dandelion Chocolate is no exception.

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Drinking Chocolate in London, England

While the United Kingdom might be better known for their tea, the drinking chocolate to be found here is nothing to scoff at! In England, hot beverages are a way of life. Whether it is your morning cuppa, or an afternoon event, tea, drinking chocolate and coffee all have a special place in British society. But where is the best drinking chocolate to be found in London, England? Read on to find out!

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Drinking Chocolate at Soma, Toronto

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soma-logoToronto is a world renowned destination for gourmet treats of all kinds, and chocolate is no exception. Located on a cobblestone street in Toronto’s famous Distillery District is Soma. While they use plenty of old world techniques, Soma has happily adopted the modern day. Their beautiful showroom and cafe are a fantastic space to take a break, and soak up some Toronto food and fashion. Once you are finished at Soma you can explore the rest of the Distillery District.  It is especially magical in the winter when a thirty foot Christmas Tree lights up the square.

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Vancouver’s Own Chocolate Arts Cafe

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Chocolate ArtsChocolate Arts located on West 3rd Avenue is one of Vancouver’s most principled chocolate making institutions, and their Cafe, is one of my favorite places to visit! I had the opportunity to visit during the 2014 Hot Chocolate Festival. At Chocolate Arts, their goal is to create delicious, innovative creations that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the tastebuds. Furthermore, when it comes to giving back to the community, they’re in a class of their own.

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The History of The Easter Bunny

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Do you eat the ears first? If so, you’re in good company. Three out of four people start at the ears. But do you know why Chocolate Easter Bunnies are a part of most people’s Easter traditions? You might be surprised to learn that the Easter Bunny, in it’s earliest form, goes as far back as ancient mythology!

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