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Thanksgiving and Chocolate: Part 1

Written by : Posted on October 10, 2015 : 1 Comment

With Canadian Thanksgiving upon us, let’s take a few moments to consider how chocolate in all of its delicious forms can make its way onto the dinner table. For many, pumpkin is the prevailing fall flavor. But as the days get shorter and the nights colder, there’s something incredibly comforting about leaning into a nice hot mug of drinking chocolate. So, for those of you who are determined to include chocolate in your Canadian Thanksgiving dinner, continue reading for a little inspiration!

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Fair Trade Drinking Chocolate: Part 1

With so many choices in the realm of drinking chocolate supplies it can be pretty overwhelming deciding what products to buy. Like many individuals today, purchasing ethically and environmentally sourced ingredients is important to you. But they also have to taste fantastic! This is where fair trade cocoa products come in. Supporting fair trade producers and practices is both ethically and environmentally sustainable. It means putting more money in the pockets of the farmers responsible for your delicious mug of drinking chocolate. It also means that the environment in which your chocolate was grown is being treated in the best possible way. Keep reading to learn more about what defines Fair Trade chocolate production.

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