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pairing wine with chocolate

The Beginner’s Guide to Pairing Wine with Chocolate

Angela Swanson August 9, 2016 No Comments

5 Simple Tips to Pairing Wine with Chocolate Can chocolate and wine be paired? Wine and cheese pairings are common, but chocolate and wine, not so much! The truth is, chocolate and wine do make an excellent pair (chocolate and wine connoisseurs may even call it a match made in heaven) because of one BIG […]


Aloha and Mahalo from Kauai! Part 2

Kirsten Clark November 21, 2015 No Comments

It was a great experience to visit the island of Kauai, where the trees and plants grow lush and plentiful. The label as the Garden Island is fitting. As we talked about in last week’s blog post, cacao is a product gaining popularity on the Hawaiian Islands with many small growers trying their skills in […]


blog title international chocolate festivals

International Tour of Decadent Chocolate Festivals

Angela Swanson May 14, 2016 1 Comment

Let’s Begin Our Tour of International Chocolate Festivals! America loves chocolate. In fact, we love it so much that as a country, we gobble up about ½ of the world’s total production of the sweet stuff each year! White, milk and dark, all presented in ways and pairings to excite even the most jaded taste […]


Amazed couple watching hot chocolate mix desserts and movies

Hot Chocolate Mix Desserts and the Movies

Angela Swanson November 15, 2016 No Comments

Hot Chocolate and a Movie Now that Daylight Savings has


creative recipes for hot chocolate mix cartoon woman chef with spoon

10 Creative Recipes for Hot Chocolate Mix You Wish You Knew Before

Angela Swanson July 12, 2016 No Comments

10 recipes for hot chocolate mix It’s summertime, but that


chocolate fondue party

Ultimate Guide to a Fabulous Chocolate Fondue Party

Angela Swanson June 11, 2016 No Comments

Tips and Tricks to Creating A Fun and Easy Chocolate


hot chocolate monkey bread

Hot Chocolate Monkey Bread and A Bonus!

Angela Swanson April 25, 2016 No Comments

Spring is springing, birds are singing, bees are stinging, bugs