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    Making the Perfect Mocha

    Making the Perfect Mocha

    Kirsten Clark October 31, 2015 No Comments

    Cafe MochaThere’s nothing quite like an expertly made mug of drinking chocolate, or a satisfying cup of coffee. So, you can imagine how sensational it must be when these two flavors come together in the perfect Mocha. As it turns out, there is a lot of skill that goes into making the perfect mocha. From choosing the best ingredients for the drinking chocolate, to complementing the chocolate with the right coffee, and of course getting the temperature and ratio just right. And yet, when you do achieve that perfect balance, it is immensely satisfying.

    What Is a Mocha?
    A Mocha is a hot beverage that combines two independently delicious drinks – drinking chocolate, and coffee – into one even more delicious treat! It is made by either adding chocolate to your coffee, or adding a shot of espresso to your hot chocolate. Either way, the goal is to marry these two flavors. Your local coffee shop might call this drink a chocolate mocha, or even a cafe mocha. Originally though, the term mocha had nothing to do with this delicious drink. Instead, it referred to a variety of coffee, tracing back to 1773. The mocha is a variety of coffee bean that became incredibly popular in the late 1700s in Europe. It was named for the port in Yemen where the beans were shipped from – Al Mokha. Today, mocha beans are grown around the world, making the ones still grown in Yemen very rare and expensive.

    Exactly when drinking chocolate and coffee began their journey together is unclear. However, coffee houses in Venice and Turin as early as the 16th century are believed to have mixed the two together in a drink called bavareisa. In Italy, a drink made up of alternating layers of espresso and chocolate is called a bicerin. According to some accounts, the original mocha coffee beans contained notes of chocolate, perhaps leading to the name for today’s coffee and chocolate beverage.

    Opt For Espresso
    When adding coffee to your drinking chocolate it is best to use espresso as opposed to drip coffee. This is because espresso is better able to complement the intense aroma and flavor of the chocolate, meanwhile drip coffee provides a more subtle flavor profile. By using espresso, you are able to complement the chocolate through bringing out the opposite flavor profiles. The quality of your Mocha will only be as good as the quality of the ingredients. Start by using high quality coffee for your espresso. For the best results, use whole beans and then grind them directly before making your mocha. In addition to the espresso beans, you will also need boiling water, dark chocolate, and milk.

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    You can watch how this expert barista in New York City makes a mocha. In this video, you will notice that the barista chooses to use cocoa powder. You can use the very same chocolate you would normally when making a mug of drinking chocolate in place of the cocoa powder.

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