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    Make the Best Drinking Chocolate at Home

    Make the Best Drinking Chocolate at Home

    Kirsten Clark November 27, 2014 No Comments

    We talk a lot on our blog about the types of drinking chocolate we love and the adventures we go on to find it. Today, we thought we would give you a behind the scenes look at how we make that perfect mug of chocolate.

    Drinking chocolate can be made with many tools from a simple sauce pan and whisk, by using a Molinillo or easiest of all, our favorite, the Breville Café Milk Frother.

    The milk frother works as easy as adding milk and chocolate and pushing start. Not only is it simple to use, but with the temperature settings you can have your drink piping hot or nice and warm. We just love how well this handy gadget works! I am not sure how we ever made hot chocolate without it.

    Breville Milk Frother

    The most satisfying hot chocolate drinks are the ones perfectly blended together so when you take that last sip and look at the bottom of the mug, you’re not staring at a layer of chocolate. That’s what you get with the frother. It works best when using either small pieces of chocolate or powder. It melts and mixes it perfectly.

    Breville Milk Frother view from top

    For those of you who love drinking chocolate this is a must add to your Christmas list. Those of you who have a family member that drinks their chocolate, you’re welcome, you no longer have to figure out what you’re giving them this season.

    Final drinking chocolate product


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