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    #HotChocolateFest 2016 Vancouver BC

    #HotChocolateFest 2016 Vancouver BC

    Kirsten Clark February 19, 2016 No Comments

    Last weekend we visited Vancouver BC for the last of their 4 week chocolate festival. It was a dark and rainy weekend which made for great weather to drink chocolate! This is the third year we’ve enjoyed this event and it’s clearly our favorite.

    There were 25 participants and the Hot Chocolate Festival website says 59 flavors. In addition to drinking some fantastic hot chocolate we get a warm feeling knowing this is also a fundraiser providing help to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Job Training Program.

    If we lived in Vancouver we could go each week and see how many places we could go to on the list. But we only had two days. We certainly missed a lot of great hot chocolate.
    The locations spanned all across Vancouver and part of the fun was driving from place to place, like a scavenger hunt. It brought us to different neighborhoods we wouldn’t normally go to.

    Here’s the list of places we visited:
    Chocolate Arts – they offered 3 different drinks
    • Malt Teaser – Made with Chocolate Arts’ signature blend ‘Allure’ and Aberlour 10-yr-single malt whiskey. Served with a malted shortbread coated in chocolate.
    • The Creamsicle – A white chocolate and vanilla hot chocolate. Served with blood-orange sorbet and a macaron.
    • Caramel 3(Cubed) – Chocolate Arts’ signature ‘Allure’ hot chocolate. Made and served with caramel three ways.
    We featured Chocolate Arts in one of our prior blog posts. You can read it here.

    Schokolade Artisan Chocolate & Café – they offered 3 different drinks
    • I Want You! – made with your choice of dark, milk or white chocolate, choice of milk and choice of flavoring
    • I Need You! – dark chocolate, double foam and caramel espresso
    • I Love You! – white chocolate, pomegranate

    Gem Chocolates – they offered 1 drink called Let’s Do the Time Warp Again! – A rocky road hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and chocolate. Served with Frankenfurter’s luscious red lips in chocolate.
    The name alone brought back memories of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and we had to see this for ourselves.

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    Temper Chocolate and Pastry offered 2 drinks and again we ordered one of each.
    • Smoke in Balls – Smoked cherrywood dark hot chocolate with a morello cherry marshmallow on a stick.
    Served as a bomb that’s dropped into your steamed milk.
    • The Southern Hemisphere – Tonka bean-infused hot chocolate with a vanilla bean marshmallow. Served as a bomb that’s dropped into your steamed milk.

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