Drinking Chocolate For Parisians

Drinking Chocolate For Parisians

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Buche-Un-Dimanche-a-ParisFrom pastries to architecture is there anything that Parisians don’t do beautifully? Well, drinking chocolate is certainly no exception. The key for any drinking chocolate is high quality chocolate. Wherever you do your shopping in France you are bound to find grocery store shelves lined with powdered chocolate and chocolate bar options designed with drinking chocolate in mind. If you’ve ever seen the movie Chocolat then you will have a general idea of the care and attention to detail put into every mug of chocolate chaud. Contemporary drinking chocolate in France can be made from either these high quality cocoa mixes, or more traditionally from dark chocolate bars.

A Chocolatey Breakfast of Champions

In France, children and adults alike tuck into a delicious cup of chocolat chaud for breakfast, and they’ve been doing this for hundreds of years! That said, French chocolate chaud is nothing like the steaming water and powdered cocoa derivative that many of us are familiar with from our childhoods. Oh no. Chocolate Chaud is made using whole milk, pure dark chocolate, and heat. Drinking chocolate in France is considered not a treat, but a nutritious and comforting beverage for starting your day.

Drinking Chocolate Arrives in France

Like Spain, chocolate arrived in France as a result of the Aztec Conquest of the early 1600s by Spain. It was thanks to Anne of Austria who in 1615 introduced her husband – Louis XIII of France to a delicious chocolate drink. Anne of Austria was in fact the daughter of King Philip III of Spain, and it was Spain that is responsible for bringing chocolate to Europe in the first place. Drinking chocolate was quickly adopted by nobility and aristocracy alike, and chocolate houses began springing up all over France.

Drinking Chocolate At Versailles

A special royal court “Etiquette” was introduced nearly immediately by Louis XIV himself surrounding the drinking of chocolate. The delicious treat quickly became a favorite indulgence by Louis XV, holding the title at Versailles for being its most enthusiastic fan. In fact, Louis XV was known to prepare himself drinking chocolate in his private apartments. According to surviving historic documents, Louis XV’s recipe called for one egg yolk per four servings. After melting a proportional amount of chocolate bars and water in a coffee maker, he would add the egg yolk and stir, being careful not to let the liquid come to a boil.

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348sDrinking Chocolate at Cafe Angelina

Cafe Angelina is one of Paris’ more famous and historic drinking chocolate establishments. Here you will be treated to decadent, velvety thick mug of drinking chocolate. For those who come to Cafe Angelina for the first time, you are provided with a thick bowl of whipping cream designed to thin the drinking chocolate to your taste. The whipping cream also acts as a sweetener – an ingredient that is not present in traditional French chocolate chaud. Instead of adding sugar, the French recipe relies on the sugar in the high quality dark chocolate used to make the drink.


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