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10 Creative Recipes for Hot Chocolate Mix You Wish You Knew Before

10 Creative Recipes for Hot Chocolate Mix You Wish You Knew Before

Angela Swanson July 12, 2016 No Comments

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10 recipes for hot chocolate mix

It’s summertime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy hot chocolate. You just need to get a little creative. Start thinking about it as a garnish or recipe ingredient instead of just a drink mix. Once you do that, you will be surprised at the diversity of uses you can find for that familiar wintertime pantry staple. We have compiled ten creative recipes for hot chocolate mix to either satisfy a nighttime craving or to impress at your next family gathering.

Hot Chocolate Pound Cake

hot chocolate mix chocolate pound cake

The first idea is one of my favorites, hot chocolate pound cake. This delicious cake gets its name, of course, from using one pound each of the four ingredients: flour, eggs, butter, and sugar. This delicious variation adds the richness of chocolate and some other novel twists (such as cream cheese) to make a truly guilt-inducing final product.

Hot Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats

hot chocolate rice krispie treats

Next is hot chocolate Rice Krispie treats. These are easy to make and always a big hit with the kids. Adding hot chocolate mix gives them that extra something that makes them delicious. They make the perfect mid-afternoon snack.

Hot Chocolate French Toast

hot chocolate french toast


If you are looking to liven up your breakfast, then you can try hot chocolate French toast for a yummy twist on an old favorite. This is a perfect way to get a healthy chocolate fix in the morning without resorting to chocolate cake (with grapefruit juice, of course, if you remember that famous comedy routine).

Hot Chocolate Pancakes

hot chocolate pancakes

If you prefer pancakes in the morning, then try hot chocolate pancakes, which aren’t as sweet as they sound. (Of course, you always can change that by adding your favorite toppings.) They also make a nice break from your usual oatmeal or breakfast cereal.  Top them off with some homemade marshmallows.

Hot Chocolate Monkey Bread

hot chocolate monkey bread

Another breakfast favorite that you can liven up with a hot chocolate mix packet is hot chocolate monkey bread. This breakfast favorite also is an excellent way to get your chocolate fix first thing in the morning, and it’s easy to make, too.

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Hot Chocolate Popcorn Balls

hot chocolate popcorn balls

When you are looking for a good afternoon snack, try these hot chocolate popcorn balls, which are as delicious as they are easy to make. They also make great gifts at Christmas or for kids’ birthday parties.

Hot Chocolate Cookies

hot chocolate mix cookies

Continuing with the snacks, we have hot chocolate cookies. The chocolate mixes with marshmallow buttercream to produce a delightful taste combination. You also can dress them up with marshmallow buttercream or a miniature chocolate bar on top.

Hot Chocolate French Macaroons

Hot chocolate mix macaroons

Another delicious recipe that uses a simple packet of hot chocolate mix to liven up a familiar recipe is hot chocolate macaroons. Adding buttercream frosting to these makes for a delicious taste sensation.

Hot Cocoa Pudding

hot cocoa mix pudding

Pudding is a dessert favorite a packet of hot chocolate mix makes this hot chocolate pudding a real winner. What’s more, you also can freeze some into frozen hot chocolate popsicles for those hot summer afternoons.

Hot Chocolate Puppy Chow

hot chocolate mix puppy chow

Finally, this recipe gives a new twist on an old party favorite, hot chocolate puppy chow. It’s not quite what it sounds like, but that packet of hot chocolate mix does provide more taste for your party mix staple.

These are just the beginning, of course. There are many more creative recipes for hot chocolate mix, just use your imagination. Anything that requires cocoa as an ingredient usually can be modified to include a packet of hot chocolate mix. What ideas come to your mind? Do you have any recipes you have tried? Share with us in the comments.

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