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    Chocolatier Profile: Dandelion Chocolate from San Francisco

    Chocolatier Profile: Dandelion Chocolate from San Francisco

    Kirsten Clark November 7, 2015 No Comments

    S'mores with drinking chocolate (accompanied by shortbread cookie and marshmellos) at Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco, CA.

    S’mores with drinking chocolate (accompanied by shortbread cookie and marshmellos) at Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco, CA.

    On this site, we love highlighting the talent of artisan chocolatiers around North America. Bean to bar chocolate makers are becoming more and more popular, providing even more options to you, a discerning consumer. Dandelion Chocolate is no exception.

    Dandelion Chocolate is located in San Francisco’s Mission District. Todd and Cam, the owners and founders were inspired to open a chocolate factory after years of experimenting with chocolate making, eating chocolate from around the world, and even growing cacao plants in their homes! It really was only a matter of time until Dandelion Chocolate became the award winning success that it is today.

    In 2010, Dandelion Chocolate opened their doors. From their Mission District location, they take cocoa beans and create expertly crafted, small batches of chocolate. They use only the highest quality of ingredients, carefully selecting the best beans every single time. They strive to bring out the best, most unique flavors from each bean.

    From Bean to Bar

    Dandelion Chocolate is not alone in the bean to bar category. Many chocolate makers are now

    choosing to go this time consuming, expensive, and incredibly rewarding route. Dandelion Chocolate is proud to be a part of the New American Chocolate Movement that focuses on small scale production of artisan chocolate. Dandelion Chocolate frequently visits the farms where the beans are grown. They collaborate with them on harvest and distribution, ensuring that everyone’s needs are being met. Before they are shipped, the beans are fermented. This is done to release the intensely unique flavors present in every variety of cocoa bean. The beans are then dried to halt the fermentation, and shipped to Dandelion Chocolate. Once they’re in San Francisco, the highly experienced team at Dandelion work their chocolate making magic.

    Cacao + Sugar

    All Dandelion Chocolate products are made using just two ingredients: cacao and organic cane sugar. That’s it folks. They refuse to use cocoa butter, vanilla, lecithin, or any artificial ingredients. Instead, they showcase the natural flavor of every bean. The sugar used by Dandelion Chocolate is every bit as natural, ethical, and environmentally conscious as their cocoa beans. They source their sugar from Brazil’s Native Green Cane Project. This organization has spearheaded an environmentally friendly sugarcane farming endeavor. Sugarcane production is incredibly hard on the environment. However, Leontino Balbo, an agronomist, has developed a technique for growing and harvesting sugar cane that does not ravage the environment. His technique is called ERA, or Ecosystem Revitalizing Agriculture. The tenets of this technique are based on soil health and biodiversity, an important feature for a product that is normally monocropped. Over the last 30 years, Balbo has documented a rise in biodiversity by 23 times, and 20-30% increased yield per hectare.

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    Visit Dandelion Chocolate

    You can visit Dandelion Chocolate seven days a week to enjoy a fresh mug of drinking chocolate, or a chocolate treat. From the cafe you can see the Dandelion team in action as they expertly craft your next favorite treat. Speak to the chocolate makers, go for a tour, or attend a workshop! Dandelion Chocolate is as educational as it is delicious!

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