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12 Secret Facts About Chocolate You Don’t Know

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Once thought of as the food of the gods and more valuable than gold, chocolate has been known since prehistoric times. Today, over 3 billion tons of chocolate are produced and consumed globally each year. We found 12 secret facts about chocolate; you may not know that will surprise and delight chocolate lovers everywhere!

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Aloha and Mahalo from Kauai! Part 1

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006This week we are exploring the island of Kauai in the archipelago of the Hawaiian Islands and learning about the local history of chocolate.

Hawaii has had a variety of different crops over the years; sugar cane, pineapple, macadamia nuts, coffee and now cacao is becoming a popular option to plant and harvest.

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Drinking Chocolate in North America: Part 2

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Drinking chocolate in North American British Colonies quickly gained in popularity. Eventually, it wasn’t just the aristocracy that was imbibing, but also the everyday citizen. Colonialists, workers, and members of the aristocracy alike would gather at coffee houses to enjoy a mug of drinking chocolate while discussing the settlement of their new colony.

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Drinking Chocolate in North America: Part One

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It should come as no surprise that chocolate was enjoyed in the American Colonies from the beginning. The very first reference to chocolate being used in North America was from the Spanish ship Nuestra Senora del Rosario del Carmen. The ship arrived in St. Augustine, Florida in 1641. On board was crate after crate of chocolate.

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The History of London’s Notorious Chocolate Houses

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Forget Coffeehouses, it was London’s Chocolate Houses where all the action happened. Since the 1650s, Coffeehouses were a staple in English culture. But nearing the end of the century, Chocolate Houses began to appear across the city of London. At both venues, you could order a meal as well as a delicious hot beverage while engaging in some tantalizing conversation. Patrons would discuss politics, business, or the arts all while playing cards, dice, or gambling. I can’t be the only one who was surprised to learn about the raucous reputation that these chocolate houses earned over the years. Let me paint you a picture…

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