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    Caldo Chocolate Drinking Chocolate Kit

    Caldo Chocolate Drinking Chocolate Kit

    Kirsten Clark November 26, 2015 No Comments

    Caldo Chocolate Drinking Chocolate Kit 3Caldo Chocolate is proud to announce the grand opening of our online store. The first item is our complete Drinking Chocolate Kit!

    We have assembled the essentials and are offering a complete starter set for hot chocolate lovers to enjoy the world of premium drinking chocolate. Sit back and relax with a luxurious premium mug of the purest expression of our featured drinking chocolate, Taza Chocolate Mexicano Cacao Puro, made from only two ingredients; single origin Dominican cacao and organic cane sugar.

    Our Caldo Chocolate Premium Hot Chocolate Lovers starter set includes our Caldo Chocolate signature ceramic mug with a sipping/stirring spoon that inserts into the mug handle, portable power mini frother, a 2 disc pack of TAZA Chocolate Mexicano Cacao Puro drinking chocolate, and to complete the kit a TAZA chocolate drinking chocolate recipe card.

    Life is too short not to indulge yourself with a luxurious treat, or to give as gifts for the holidays. Order your Drinking Chocolate Kit now.

    Bevanda al cioccolato!  (Drink Chocolate!)

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