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    Bringing Chocolate to a Barbecue!

    Bringing Chocolate to a Barbecue!

    Kirsten Clark August 7, 2015 No Comments

    BBQIt’s August and we want to make the best of summertime. What comes to my mind is – barbecues, ice cream, and hamburgers! This article is all about incorporating chocolate into your backyard barbecues! From the main course to dessert, there isn’t a single dish that can’t include just a little bit of our favorite ingredient!

    The Main Event: Chocolate Chipotle Sauce

    It’s actually kind of fitting that chocolate and chipotle sauce would fit well together. It was the Mayans and Aztec who first thought to combine hot spices with cocoa to bring out the best of both flavor sensations. Now, it’s your turn. Here are three recipes that are sure to satisfy even the most straight-laced BBQ lover. Remember, just liked with drinking chocolate, never skimp on the quality of the chocolate you use!

    Chocolate Beer Chipotle Barbecue Sauce: Because just if plain old chocolate and chipotle wasn’t enough, let’s add beer! This recipe was adapted from this even more interesting recipe for Stout & Sriracha Beer Barbecue Sauce!

    Chocolate Barbecue Sauce: This recipe from Saveur promises a “smooth, spicy-sweet” sauce that is rich, and full of flavour. Doesn’t sound like you can go wrong here!

    Chocolate Cabernet Barbecue Sauce: Instead of beer, this recipe calls for a cup and a half of cabernet sauvignon wine, and a very conservative one ounce of semisweet chocolate.

    Chocolatey Dessert Inspiration

    During the summer, chocolate in its most traditional form (the bar) sometimes gets put on the backburner. Instead, more seasonally appropriate dishes like ice creams, cold drinking chocolate, and cakes get all the attention. So, for your next barbecue, think further than an angel food cake and whipping cream, think…chocolate.

    Jamie Oliver’s Chocolate Ice Cream: Simple in both ingredients and instructions, this recipe promises to be rich and creamy. Alternatively, take a look at this Chocolate Ice Cream recipe from Bon Appetit, it calls for 7 ounces of 70% to 75% dark chocolate.

    Whichever recipe you follow, make sure to keep it in the freezer until dessert time, and to have plenty of add ons ready to go. Think, raspberries, or salted caramel sauce for the gourmet chocolate lovers, and gummy bears and oreo crumbs for the youngsters (at heart!).

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    Summer simply wouldn’t be complete without a Grilled Banana Split. This recipe from Martha Stewart also calls for hot fudge and rum caramel sauce. Don’t forget the ice cream, and maraschino cherries!

    For a more traditional – not to mention simpler – Banana Split, simply cut a slit in a banana, stuff in squares of delicious chocolate, and put the whole thing inside some tinfoil. Just make sure to use tongs to get them off the barbecue!

    Happy barbecuing!

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