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About Us

cafe-rivoire-florence-italyOur passion started on a trip to Florence, Italy. It was there, in the Caffe Rivoire, that we were served a warm, rich and dark substance. It coated our throats and insulated our bodies from the inside out. It was love at first taste. It was hot drinking chocolate.

There is just something hot chocolate evokes in all of us. Sure it can be a decadent treat, but there is also something about the warm, cozy and comforting feeling it gives you after the first sip. There is nothing quite like it. At Caldo Chocolate, we love that feeling and want to share it with you all the time. That is why we are introducing Caldo to create a community where our passion is hot chocolate.

Caldo Chocolate is not just about your mom’s Swiss Miss (even though that can be amazing too!). We celebrate all drinking chocolate because no matter who you are or where you come from, we can all appreciate a moment to treat ourselves.

Bevanda al cioccolato! (Drink chocolate!)   caffee rivoire Florence