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Drinking Chocolate in Rome, Italy

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Rome is one of the world’s most sought out urban destinations. Revered for its gourmet restaurants, historical landmarks, and ancient influences, the saying “When in Rome” certainly hits home. Drinking chocolate throughout Italy has enjoyed a delicious past, and is still enjoyed today!

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Vegan Drinking Chocolate

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Perhaps, you have been thinking that just because you are vegan, you will have to go your whole life without knowing the joys of drinking chocolate. Well fear not! Vegan drinking chocolate is out there, and it’s waiting for you to experience it! Keep in mind that when making vegan drinking chocolate, it is just as important as with regular drinking chocolate to use the very best ingredients you can.

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Drinking Chocolate in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab state in Western Asia. It is also one of the world’s largest coffee and chocolate drinkers! Saudi Arabia is bordered by Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. A huge portion of the country is made up of a fairly inhospitable desert, making their affinity for hot drinks even more remarkable!

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Bringing Chocolate to a Barbecue!

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BBQIt’s August and we want to make the best of summertime. What comes to my mind is – barbecues, ice cream, and hamburgers! This article is all about incorporating chocolate into your backyard barbecues! From the main course to dessert, there isn’t a single dish that can’t include just a little bit of our favorite ingredient!

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