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North of the Border Hot Chocolate Festival

In January, we found out that Vancouver, British Columbia, holds a Hot Chocolate Festival. This is something we had to experience, so we ventured north for a fun weekend of hot chocolate sampling. Here is what we discovered:

Our first stop was at Cocoa Nymph in the Kitsialano District. We ordered Hera’s Habit, and found it be to be a smooth milk chocolate explosion with a the wonderful taste of the malted milk balls. We also tried the Bachus’ Dream. It had a light chocolate flavor, and you could feel the consistency of the wine reduction compote. It was not super sweet.


The sign waiting for us outside Cocoa Nymph.

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A Bit of History

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We have been thinking about the Winter Olympics a lot in the last few weeks. With the games being held in Russia this year, we couldn’t help but wonder if there had to be some connection between hot chocolate and Russia. The wintry weather scenes that fill your mind when you think about the country just beg for a steaming cup of chocolate goodness to be inserted into them. So we did some research, and we were a little surprised at what we found.

Scene from icon film, Dr. Zhivago (image via ).

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